/The calm before the storm. #ThatsALotOf911s #Porsche #INeedA911 _______________…

The calm before the storm. #ThatsALotOf911s #Porsche #INeedA911 _______________…

The calm before the storm.

#Porsche #INeedA911

I thought the gathering we had before was hard to beat but somehow, we’ve managed to top all of that just before the end of the year. Absolutely unbelievable. We’re all still in disbelief that we got everyone out here for some time with us. I can’t express how thankful I am to the owners and the small team behind the page for making this happen. And of course, a huge thank you to all the followers and supporters of the page. We really wouldn’t be here without you guys!

It’s been a really hard year for everyone due to yet another year of pandemic and the recent flooding that’s been going around. I hope everyone takes good care of themselves and their family members. We’ll see you guys around next year! If the clouds clear up for sunny blue skies, we might even have a drive coming up!

Special thanks to the owners and people behind the team here;

@maliquesyahmi @amerhrris @amirsuffian @itsthezeke @iliyasyahmi @project996dream @aagtthree @so.luvscars @acik2jdm